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      Frequently Asked Questions

      How does my subscription work?

      Check it out on our How It Works page!

      Do I need to take VitaMom Club supplements with food?

      You can enjoy them with or without food, bon appetit!

      Are VitaMom Club supplements gluten free?

      All of VitaMom Club supplements are gluten free!

      Are VMC supplements safe for those with food allergies?

      Many of VMC supplements are free from major allergens and are vegan friendly. For more specific information, be sure to check out the products' descriptions. All VMC gummies are gluten free.

      Where are VMC supplements produced?

      VitaMom Club supplements are made in Utah, USA in an FDA approved facility with locally and globally sourced ingredients that are inspired by nature.

      Are VitaMom Club supplements approved by the FDA?

      At VMC, we are committed to quality and safety and while the FDA does not approve dietary supplements, our products are manufactured in accordance with the FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practices. VMC also completes third party lab testing to ensure our products are compliant within current guidelines and regulations.  We only want the best for you!

      What are the benefits of subscribing to VitaMomClub?

      1. Saving money vs. paying retail!
      2. Quality, great tasting vitamins and supplements delivered to your door, right when you need them! VitaMom Club supplements are meant to fill the nutritional gap the typical #MomDiet leaves us with, so you can be confident about your nutrition, even on the busiest days.
      3. Club members also have access to two healthcare professionals who are busy moms just like you, and will not only offer support and encouragement for your #MomLife journey, but also realistic coaching and education on health, nutrition, and fitness.