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      Why VitaMom Club

      We Are Dedicated to Delivering High Quality Vitamins at a Price Moms Can Afford

      Our Gummies Do Not Contain:

      Yeast, wheat, milk, eggs, gluten, soy, peanuts, shellfish, dairy, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, agave, artificial preservatives or salicylates.

      Meet Our Moms

      Carrie Myers

      30 Years Experience

      Award Winning Author

      Carrie Myers is an award-winning author, health and fitness expert, certified master life and health coach, and mom to four amazing sons. With a career in women’s health that spans over 30 years, she’s written continuing education courses in perinatal fitness, as well as hundreds of articles that have appeared in both national trade and consumer magazines, including Shape, Fit Pregnancy, Childbirth Instructor, Fitness, Health, Cooking Light, and publications for the American Council on Exercise (ACE). As a contributing editor for Energy for Women magazine, Carrie curated a Q&A column and designed monthly workouts for women; she also wrote and edited the monthly newsletter for “Savvy Moms”, a public television program, and was the head writer for IBM’s online employee wellness program for eight years. Carrie has been featured as a health and fitness expert in Better Homes & Gardens, Family Fun, and Success magazines, as well as in various trade publications and radio and television programs. Through her presenting and coaching, and in her book, Squeezing Your Size 14 Self into a Size 6 World: A Real Woman’s Guide to Food, Fitness, and Self-Acceptance and the corresponding workbook, Carrie has helped thousands of women break free of the molds that hold them back from being their true selves, and has taught them the freedom in intuitive eating and body positivity. When Carrie isn’t working, you can find her doing something active outdoors, riding motorcycles, cooking for her family, having lunch out with friends, or playing Nerf gun “fights” with her boyfriend and kids.

      Ashley Wentworth

      Food & Nutrition Expert

      10 Years Experience

      Ashley Wentworth, MS, RD, LD (she/her) is a Registered Dietitian and owner of Ashley Wentworth Nutrition, PLC. With over 10 years of experience, Ashley has worked in many different areas of the nutrition field, supporting womxn and families in their health and wellness goals. Ashley is a Health At Every Size(R) aligned provider specializing in non-diet, body inclusive, and intuitive eating nutrition therapy. Through this approach, she encourages improving health not through restriction, but through honoring our bodies' inner wisdom around nutrition and movement. When not working with clients, you can find her on outside adventures with her family, gardening, and eating chocolate, tacos, or something equally delicious!


      Access to two health professionals who are also moms, and will not only offer support and encouragement for your #MomLife journey, but also realistic coaching and education on health, nutrition, and fitness.


      You become a member of a community of moms who share similar struggles and can commiserate together as well as share #MomWins.

      Complete Nutrition

      VitaMom Club supplements fill the nutritional gap that the typical #momdiet often leaves.

      Advisory Board

      Karen Delano

      Karen Delano is a certified parent coach who works with moms to slow down and get clear on what they want for their families to enhance living intentionally. She works one-on-one or in groups to reduce their kids’ challenging behaviors, build connection in their families, and deal with the stress that keeps them from acting and feeling like the mom they want to be.

      Dr. Patti Ashley

      Dr. Patti Ashley LPC, has integrated 40 years of experience in special education, child development, and psychology into her wholehearted work as a psychotherapist, author, international speaker, and authenticity architect coach. She brings unique insights into the identification and treatment of shame, trauma, grief and dysfunctional family patterns. She is the author of several books, including Living in the Shadow of the Too-Good Mother Archetype (2014).

      As the nation's largest network of chiropractors, The Joint Chiropractic prides itself on providing convenient and affordable chiropractic care focused on your unique needs and goals. Whether you’re seeking pain relief or preventative care, you can expect our patient-centric approach to be new and different from any healthcare experience you’ve had before. The Joint Chiropractic also works with pregnant women and children to meet the whole family’s needs.